COVID Notes: Masks will be required at all times inside the school. The classroom air purifiers will continue to run 24x7 and we will have hand sanitizer and hand washing stations. Please stay home and stay safe if you are not feeling well.

Volunteer Opportunities

Movers Working
Room Transformation & Set-up

We're looking for parent and DHS student volunteers to help unload our classrooms, set-up, load-in artists and transform our little school into an amazing artists marketplace...then help with breakdown, load-out and put the classrooms back together. Just a few hours of effort on Friday afternoon or Saturday evening ensures a WONDERFUL result.

People with Masks
Additional Volunteering

Grab a friend and join us! We need all sorts of volunteers (Parents, Neighbors, Teachers and Students) to make this event happen. Clairemont students can take photos or be Greeters. DHS students are a critical set of volunteers along with our Parents so pick what you want to do - Sell raffle tickets? Check in volunteers? Be a troubleshooter or concierge for artists? We have a spot just for you.