Wish List

The 2016 Decatur Holiday Marketplace is made possible by  the Clairemont Elementary PTA and the generous donations of time and money from our wide community of volunteers.

Below is a list of In-Kind Goods and Services Donation Opportunities that the PTA is requesting for our 2016 event. Each time we receive a donated good or service for the event, our expenses are naturally lowered, allowing us to give more needed funds back to our beloved elementary school.


  • Café Beverages: We need 600 bottles of water and 46 cases of various sodas to sell at our thriving Café.
  • Access to Industrial Baking Ovens: We have a team that bakes dozens and dozens of specialty, decorated cookies to sell in the Marketplace Café’. Access to industrial ovens greatly improves this massive undertaking.
  • Collapsible Round 48 inch tables: We need 12 of these tables which seat more than 1,500 diners during the Marketplace. We only need to borrow them from noon Friday, December 2nd through Saturday, December 3rd at 5 p.m.
  • Collapsible 6’ x 30” Tables: We need to 10-15 of these tables for artists to use to setup goods to sell. We only need to borrow them from Friday, December 2nd through Saturday, December 3rd at 5pm.
  • 1,500 Disposable soup bowls, plates, forks, spoons, napkins and cups to help serve our wonderful soups to the attendees.
  • 200 Dish Towels for use in the Café by our staff.
  • Art supplies: battery operated Votive candles, ribbon, glitter/shinny paper, puff paint, cotton balls, thread
  • Snacks for the Volunteers: Granola Bars, Fruit, M&Ms, Cheese sticks
  • Printing Services for Posters, Fliers and Banners: We want to tell EVERYBODY about the Marketplace, so we need to print a lot of posters and fliers.
  • Live Garland/Greenery/Holiday Plants or access to a wholesale florist: A donation like this will help us transform our school into a beautiful, festive holiday venue.

For questions, please contact Yinka Kerr at yinkakerr@hotmail.com or Katherine Weitzman at krweitzman@gmail.com